Dec 31, 2011

Christmas eve !!!


Today I had Tomomi's tour! :))hehehe  I've been planning for today from longtime ago <33

You know, Takeru's birthday is Dec. 25th so it's Christmas...! that is why I wanted to do something very cool for Happy Birthday and Merry Chrismas :)

At first we went to Lime market place.

This buliding used to be church but inside of building was rebuilt and now it's kinda shopping mall!
but I was a little bit disappointed... cuz when I saw Lime market place in co-trip, It was introduced with Chesea maket and so I thought it's huge and really cool...uhmm but It's okay :) good experience ! haha

And we had time a little bit so went to AmericanApparel !!! shopping <3

And then!!! went to lowerManhattan..... my biggest plan.....!!!!!
you wanna know???.... my biggest plan is HELICOPTER!!!! yayyy

when we are walking, Takeru saw Heli and he looked excited.(at this time he hadn't knew anything yet) he said "look at heli look at that!!" but we didn't have time and I made him hurry up so he looked sad cuz he wanted to take pic... but when he saw the word "Heliport" he was like, "Really??? really????" lol hahah he never thought he would take Heli !!! lol

It was quite beautiful... the time was sunset.
We saw the view of Manhattan from the sky. It was amazing. he looked happy so I'm satisfied !!! X) 

photo's by Takeru

I also took some pics but I couldn't take really good one because I was in know, it was really shaking. I took video so when I have time I'm gonna upload wiz music :)<3

I'm checking Tomomi's tours schedule ! lol

After that we went to PANNA2 that is Indian restaurant. located near by Astor place.
 A LOT OF lights were hanged from the ceiling !!! 
We had curry<3 taste good! and They offered icecream... :)<3

After we had gotten dorm, I have celebrated his birthday <3

This one looks lens but it's not!!! lol this is mug cup! So cute, isn't it? <33
I gave watch and this mug to him. I hope he like them :)

With candle, cake, tea and Xmas music... <3

Happy birthday and Merry Christmas ... ✵


Dec 30, 2011

Takeru tour

Takeru tour!!!!

So this day, I didn't know what I'm gonna do. this plan was made by only him ! :) hehe Recently, "~tour" is became popular among us ! lol


 At first we had Bagle <3

Tastyyy <3 you can choose what you want and they're gonna put in Bagle !
I wanna try again <3


We  took subway and walked around Brooklyn :)


There were so many cute and fashionable shops! awww I really like Brooklyn!!

 we came back to Manhattan and had Ramen in Astar place! Setagaya Ramen :)haha it was quite expensive....well, I had ice-cream but it was about 17$ include tip! it's tasty tho... for Ramen 17$... If I were in Japan, I can't pay for it :P

マンハッタンに戻って、アスタープレースの近くでラーメン^^ 世田谷ラーメン(笑)

and after that


!!!!!BLUE MEN!!!!!

Taking pics wasn't allowed there so I have few pics... but it was AMAZING!!!! If you visit NY, you MUST go!!!! it's really fun!!!!!!!!!!


Takeru's tour was awesome <3 Thanks :*)



(photo by Takeru)

Jacket and Hat: from Pia<3 thx/Pants:AmericanApparel/Bag:H&M/Shoes:Dr.Martens


Dec 29, 2011

Bronx Zoo

"I went to Bronx Zoooooooooo" 

This is what I wanted to say.... lol

ディーナーから参加<3 ゆうすけ、けい、たける、リナとタイレストラン X)

I suppose to go Bronx Zoo with Yusuke Takeru Kei and Lina but that morning I wansn't feeling very well so I couldn't go... I joined them from dinner in Thailand restautant :)

Actually, I had Thai food before this day too lol I mean, same restaurant with Andy and Takeru lol
I'm in love so it didn't matter even I eat Thai food everyday but Takeru was kinda tired of eating Thai food...haha

These are Thai dessert ! <3
I'm not sure what was the upper one. haha but It was tasty!
and Fried Banana!!!! I'm in love!!!!!! That's awesome<3


Lina and Yusuke had to say bye to Kei... Ahh hate this moment ! SO SAD!
Keeeeiiiii.......!!!! We will meet up Christmas so that day will be our last day... I can't imagine!