Aug 31, 2011

Origami in Tarrytown


We taught that how to make Origami for children in Tarrytown.
many Little girl n boy came <333

I don't remember how to make crane and syuriken n etc...
I just remember how to heart <3

heart was popular !!! :D hehehe
but you know teaching in english is very difficult !!!

wiz little princess <33

after that we went to taste of china :P <3


Aug 26, 2011



recently I go running wiz Tina.
almost everyday. (until I've been in sick... X()



I think she is my best friend<333
but she will leave 2nd Sep. I can't imagine after she is gone. mmm
maybe I'll feel SO SAD that I've never feel.
I'm gonna miss her. 

I named him Tarkel.
this is not Takeru. sounds like Takeru but He is Tarkel.
he is always with my key. hehe





We went to manhattan to buy headphone. he bought it n he looked so happy.haha
after that, we tried to go to American apparel but as it was rainy so we gave up to go there.

and went to Karaoke :)
We had dinner in Korean town<3
I had noodle n chijimi ! I was so happy <3333

after that, times square :) 

we found a cab at forever21 in times square :O I wanted to buy shoes but I couldn't find cute one.

I found fabric store... It was already closed but it looked so cool !
I look so sad in this pic ...haha I'll go next time absolutely <3


Aug 18, 2011

Sj 321

Before Pia leave here, she gave me neckless top which is like small earth.
(Pia is my roommate)

she said that "I'm from Venezuela, you are from Japan. We live in opposite. but If you have this one, we are alway together. "

oh, how sad! when she was saying that, I was almost crying.

I really miss u baby.

when I arrived here, I really didn't know every thing. What could I do without her helping.
she taught me many things about school n she brought me bank to make account at the early morning. also restaurant n palisades mall...

since I came here, I really feel that "Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur".
 I think It's miracle,  isn't it?

I hope she have a great time in her life and I also hope we can meet again!

my crazyyy  roommate!
Sj 321 is hottest room in EF!!!



Water park


Water park !

It was school activity for longtime student so It was free!!! hehe
We went to water park in NewJersey :P

Tarzan !! It made me really nervous !!!
but I did! it was so scary... :O

This was really great!
these picture are from website.
cuz I couldn't brought my iphone so I couldn't take pic.... :,(

hehehe :)★

Muscleeee !!!!!

:O !!!


Aug 12, 2011


pink hair <3


 photo shoot :)

hehehe :P


Aug 10, 2011

dye party


I don't know why we had "dye party"haha

We went to CVS to buy a dye. 
but Yusuke didn't buy a dye !!! Booooo He was afraid of dyeing hair~

I had dyed Kei's hair n my hair.

I had bleached end of my hair. 


after that.....


strawberry jam <3 hehehe
my fav. but already I've lost pink. I'm sadddd :(


Aug 9, 2011

skating !!!!


We went skating at Palisasdes Mall ! (again!!!)

last time, As I was afraid of slip and fall so I couldn't skating as fast but this day, I was better than before ! <3

Takeru was really not good at skating ! hehe
Yok guessed he isn't good at skating that was right hahaha

after staking, I went to cheese cake factry :9 <33

yum yum <3333
luv cheese cake :)

Look !!! HUGE !!! hahahaha


Aug 6, 2011



We went to watching baseball !!!

after class, we went to Yankees stadium. I was not interested in baseball BUT I was excited :)!

As It was rainy,We couldn't concentrate on watching baseball.
It was really heavy rain. few times,we ran under the eave to avoid the rain.

and I saw ICHILO <3 He's atmosphere was so cool ;))

after rain...

I was tired ~

mmm ? crazy Yusuke...